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The Pearl Necklace I'm wearing I've made it myself inspired by Caroline from (2 Broke Girls). I've been lusting over her necklace since I saw their first episode over a month ago (funniest TV Show ever by the way). I don't really know where her necklace is from, but she does say several time her outfit is Chanel. If its Chanel I can't really afford it right now, so I've decided to make it my self. I bought all the pearls,chain and the rest of the material from Creative Beadcraft shop in Soho, I absolutely love the shop I've been going there for years and everything cost just £48 and it took me about 3 hours to make it. I am really happy with the result!!
Photography Antonio Ballester Marcos: Jacket Zara, Tee, Skirt, and Shoes All Saints, Watch Michael Kors, Hair Piece American Apparel, Sunglasses and Bag Louis Vuitton!!


  1. if you ask me that necklace costed you a whole lot !
    very creative ! i love it , your looking good girl !

    comment me back please, xo :) ?


  2. bravo.me pelqen kreativiteti jot..

    1. Faleminderit serisht Denisa :).xxx


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