About Me

Doctors see patients, Lawyers see clients, Journalists see stories...me? I SEE FASHION!

When I came to London just at 15, I stepped into a city full of eclectic, vibrant and exciting objects. I wasn't  stepping into 'the Big Smoke', I was jumping straight into the heart of a fashionista's dream. You will see from my own personally taken images that I have lived that dream every step of the way. All the outfits you see me in are a true reflection of my everyday wear. As a member of London's College of Style, I want to share with you an array of clothe collaborations and hope you enjoy them!
Happy looking!!!


  1. This woman speaks the truth. She will go to work in what most of us would only dream of wearing on the weekend after the help of a personal stylist. A true fashionista if I ever saw one!!

    1. awwww baby u r way to kind, love u,xxx

  2. Anonymous15/4/13

    Yes this girl is the reason why Fashion is called Fashion!!! Gorgeous as always zemra! MP


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